October 25, 2021

Most common mistakes at driving tests (and how to avoid them)

A driving test is one of the most important steps you will need to take to acquire a driver’s license. Many take it for granted that they know what to do, so they go into it with a vague idea of the rules and regulations. This is not a good idea as there are several common errors that novice drivers make, which can result in failing the test and being forced to retake it.

In this article, we will explore some of these errors and how to avoid them, based on a presentation that the Norwegian driver’s test help Bestå gave to high school students in Oslo during August.

Mistakes people make at driving tests

Mistake #1: Driving too fast. This is the most obvious habit that most people develop as they start driving. Because going at the speed limit feels too slow, it can be easy to press the gas a little harder to save a few minutes on each trip. Given the many time-wasting habits most people have, driving 10 mph above the speed limit will not provide significant amounts of time to make up for these other habits. The easiest thing to do is to 

Mistake #2: Not checking mirrors. Not being aware of what’s happening behind you can be dangerous, especially in situations where you might need to break down abruptly. Even if you’re a law-abiding citizen who follows the 3-second rule – where you should have a minimum of 3 seconds between you and the car in front of you – those behind you might not be as prudent. Mirrors are also helpful in countless other situations, so please check them regularly – if not, you might fail your driving test, and even worse, get into a dangerous situation later in life. 

Mistake #3: Failure to signal before changing lanes. On the freeway, there are several lanes to follow. When switching over to another one, you should always signal it a few seconds before, so that other drivers have time to know where you intend to go. If you don’t, someone who’s coming up behind and beside you at a high speed might drive straight into you. 

Mistake #4: Rolling through stop signs or lights without coming to a complete stop first. Stop signs are there for a reason: to make you stop. Completely. They wouldn’t be there otherwise. They’re not there to tell you to roll by at a low speed while looking from side to side to make sure no cars are coming; they’re there to tell you to stop and look from side to side to make sure no cars are coming. As stupid as it might seem, this regulation has been put in place for the same reason that most regulations are introduced; something really bad happened when they weren’t there. 

What are the Best Resources Available for Learning How to Not Make These Driving Mistakes?

The best resources for learning how to pass the driving test and stop making unnecessary mistakes are driver’s ed courses. These courses typically take a person 4-6 hours of their time, and will help them learn all of the skills that they need to know in order to be able to pass the driving test.

These courses are usually given by a driving instructor who is specially trained in teaching people how to drive. The instructor can teach all of the skills that a person would need in order to be a good driver. The course can also include time at a driving school where people can practice some of the skills that they learned in previous lessons.

Once you start becoming aware of the mistakes that other people make while driving, it will be easier to see the ones that you are making. And when you do, you might discover that you actually make a lot of them. But however hopeless things seem as you practice your driving, and weeding out mistakes, know that you will get better eventually. Billions of people have done it before you, you know – literally. 

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